The Ranch

Elm Lake Ranch is only 175 acres and is located off Highway 6 approximately eight miles from Interstate 35 and just 10 miles from downtown Waco, Texas.

In recognizing the production value of “Foundation Herd” Beefmasters and the refinement and lineage value of the “BBU Beefmasters”, Terry has chosen to take the best of both worlds to produce the ultimate Beefmaster. Understanding and agreeing with the Six Essentials, which were defined by the Tom Lasater soon after this breed was developed, Terry made a point to only purchased cows and calves from among the top selling females with exceptional EPDs and conformation at the 2001 – 2007 Isa Cattle Company Beefmaster Female Fiestas; as well as, excellent cows and heifers, including many top graded cows and pairs, bred by Judy and Fred Long, Watt Casey, Trent Cromer, Bradley Circle J, Cottage Farms, Hapi-Gro, Cargile, Broussard, Harrod Farms, BMS Farms, Bob Siddeons, Derick Frenzel, David Jarris, Hans Wittenburg, Bill Carr, Cindy and Steve Emmons, Billy Welkner and Tim Chapman. He chooses cattle based on performance, conformation, and genetics. Each cow purchased or retained has to meet the highest standards of selection, which include:

  • Conformation – BBU rated no lower than a U 2/3, with most being 1/2 or 2/1.
  • Production – Excellent EPDs with weaning and yearly percentages of over 103
  • Genetics – Cows and heifers out of recognized top Sires and dams with excellent EPDs and conformation
  • Temperament – All cattle are gentle and “easy handlers”

Each female at Elm Lake is evaluated for her conformation, maternal traits, her milkablity, size of calf, and is required to have a calf within a 12 month cycle. We received notification from BBU that two cows owned by Elm Lake Beefmaster have qualified as 2005 Pacesetter Dams and in 2006 one cow qualified as 2006 Pacesetter Cow. We are thrilled to “now join an elite group of females pointing the way for improvement of Beefmaster cattle.” (BBU’s Pacesetter Award is based on information taken from the Weights & Measures Program. This award recognizes bulls and females which have produced top performing calves.)

Pursuing excellence Terry and Kathleen purchased Commando the number #1 top graded bull at the Live Oak Beefmaster Bull Sale 2003. They produced and purchased a majority interest in Top Gun, the Highest Selling, Ranked 3rd Bull at the Central Texas Beefmaster Breeders “Beef on Forage” Bull Sale 2005. Recent purchases of Centurion,the highest selling bull at the 2007 Live Oak Beefmaster Bull Sale and Delta Force, a son of the Black Jack 21. Semen is available from all of these great bulls. . Our bulls are evaluated for their depth and length, muscling, underline, and general conformation, and fertility. Only exceptional bulls are retained for sale to breeders. Along with the standard bull evaluation, our herd sires’ production EPDs and semen quality are scrutinized closely. Only extraordinary bulls enter Elm Lake Beefmasters as a herd sire.

Elm Lake Ranch Beefmasters participates in the BBU Weights and Measures program (This is a simple, fast and effective performance testing program developed by BBU for use by its members. It includes computer analysis and printout of 205-day adjusted weight, 365-day adjusted weight, and sire and dam summaries. Information from the program is used in BBU’s Sire Summary which is published twice a year. Since the early 1990s, participation in Weights & Measures has increased significantly, greatly increasing the amount and accuracy of performance information available both to breeders and buyers of Beefmasters). All of our bulls are GeneStar tested and have proven to show great feed efficiency. Until the end of the BBU progrmTerry has received the BBU identification of a 2005, 2006, 2007 Merit Breeder . Terry continues to hire the BBU Field Representative each year to evaluate his herd. (Merit breeders enroll every calf registered with BBU in Weights & Measures and have all eligible cattle classified each year. This was an on going program and breeders must have met the guidelines each year to retain the Merit Breeder status.)

We are proud to offer for sale through private treaty and BBU sanctioned sales unusually fine purebred bulls, cows, and heifers. We also offer CSS certified Semen from our incredible herd bulls, Top Gun, Centurion, Delta Force and Commando. Embryos from our three donor pacesetter cows are also available.

We are currently members of Beefmaster Breeder’s United, Central Texas Beefmaster Breeders Association, South Texas Beefmaster Breeders Association, Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association, and Southwest Cattle Raisers Associaton. Terry was the 2006/2007 President of the Central Texas Beefmaster Breeders Asociation and has served on the Beefmaster Breeder’s United International Committee.


For several years Terry Myers raised mixed and pure bred cattle for the purpose of selling them at local auctions. When he purchased his first Beefmaster cattle, he became aware of the extraordinary quality, temperament, and hardiness of this fine breed of cattle. This was especially proven true during the drought years Texas has experienced. With little natural grass his Beefmasters’ hardiness and growth rate were truly tested in comparison to other breeds represented in Terry’s herd. The Beefmaster better growth rate was visually and economical evident in his mixed herd.

By utilizing the Beefmaster Bull as his herd sire, Terry realized that the weight of the cattle he sold at auction was greater than the produce of his purebred Limousine Bull or his previous cross bred bull. Naturally this weight increase provided him a better return on his money, especially due to the fact that he was raising cattle on small acreage. He then made a decision that he would raise only Beefmaster Cattle in the future.